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temeljena na tradiciji od 2.000 godina

” … high quality olive oil for refined palate and sophisticated consumers who expect excellence from olive oil … “

– Certified expert review: doc.dr.sc. Mirella Žanetić, Institute for Adriatic Crops

” … Atena is a premium olive oil in the fullest extent, an oil that will emphasize and enrich the flavor of every food it touches … “

– Certified expert review: dr.sc. Jelena Ivanisevic – Institute of Ethnology

Treat yourself with a premium product

Atena Hvar Olive Oil offers you health and perfection of the Mediterranean in a special package. With its unique aroma and taste, it takes you to the most beautiful Adriatic islands.

Atena Olive Oil is also an ideal choice for gifts for your friends and family. Order your package today!


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Highly recommend! Delicious olive oil! Perfect for any meal. Would definitely buy again.

Liquid gold in beautiful bottle!
Great taste,great color, packed in special ceramic bottle. Treat yourself with this healthy product!

Quality based on
over 2.000 years of tradition

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