How to recognize quality olive oil

  • Packaging

Type of packaging is the first way to recognise quality olive oil.  Olive oil quality deteriorates  due to heat and light. so the manufacturers of highest quality olive oil use the same type of packaging used by ancient Greeks,  who used amphorae,  and store their olive oil in the ceramic bottles. This type of packaging is also the most expensive and it is therefore used for the highest quality olive oil. Tinted glass bottles are also used for high quality olive oil packaging.  The olive oil which has lower quality can be found in metal or plastic containers.

  • Label

The olive oil  which features on its label the exact geographical area of origin as well as details of the manufacturer, generally is of higher quality. If the label is missing the information on the geographical origin or the manufacturer, there is a high probability that it’s a lower quality olive oil.

  • Taste

Quality olive oil  has a taste which combines fruity and green earthy tones.   A slight peppery taste with quality olive oil is felt a few seconds after swallowing the oil and definitely not at the tip of the tongue.

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