Mediterranean diet – a part of the UNESCO heritage

For over 2500 years people living on the shores of Mediterranean have been practicing a unique type of diet. Mediterranean diet is much more than just the food, it is also the way of life in harmony with the natural environment and the heritage of numerous generations.This type of diet is dominated by fish, vegetables and naturally, olive oil, with less use of meat and dairy products.

But it is difficult to truly experience Mediterranean diet without being in the appropriate Mediterranean environment; in the shade of an olive tree, next to the surf of the waves, the sound of the crickets, with friends at the tavern, or alongside a fish grill.

The numerous advantages of this way of life were recognised by UNESCO, in 2013 it has included Mediterranean diet at its World Heritage List. Along with Greece, Spain, Portugal and Morocco, the island of Hvar is also among the principals listed at the official UNESCO charter.

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