"Atena Premium is extra virgin olive oil with high quality for high quality olive oil for refined palate and sophisticated consumers who expect excellence from olive oil- Medium to high intensity fruit flavour in the scent, combining olive, grassy scent as well as touch of apple and tomato flavour. It leaves a taste reminiscent of almond with a touch of artichoke and rucola. Strong intensity, nicely balanced peppery and piquant flavour, due to high concentration of phenolic compounds in the oil.


Atena Slavač is extra virgin olive oil with mild flavour that will satisfy the majority of consumers that prefer milder olive oil. Gentle scent of a ripe olive, soft taste of ripe fruit and distinguished floral notes. Harmonic peppery and piquant flavour is mild to medium intensity but with dominant sweetness of this olive oil."

"As the name of this exceptional olive oil suggests, Atena represents the tradition of the island of Hvar. Conceived as a combination of tradition and modern technology, this extra virgin olive oil speaks to the concept of terroir, which connects the taste and characteristics of the product to its origin. It also emphasizes the importance of design that emphasizes the story of Hvar as an island with a long history.The name Athena speaks of the mythical origin of the olive, a tree that culturally and symbolically represents the real and imagined border of the Mediterranean, guaranteeing life and health to those who consume its fruits. Packaging its exquisite oil in ceramic bottles, the family farm evokes the memory of amphorae in which this liquid gold was once stored. Athena is not a monosortic oil, as we usually find in modern gastronomic stories about pairing oil with other foods, but it really deserves such an approach. It is a table oil in the best sense, one that will highlight and round out the taste of everything it touches, and with it even a piece of bread and cheese will become an intoxicating and enchanting adventure of tastebuds."


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Highly recommend! Delicious olive oil! Perfect for any meal. Would definitely buy again.

Liquid gold in beautiful bottle!
Great taste,great color, packed in special ceramic bottle. Treat yourself with this healthy product!

It's hard to explain it in words. If you are an olive oil lover, this would be the crown jewel of Hvar olive oil production. I can only recommend it! It is truly something else.